quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2010

NY Fashion Week Favs!

After a long period of time without post, I come to you guys with something fresh.
As I mentioned in the previous post I LOVE fashion week.It's like the year starts when Fashion Week happens (silly me).
As I was looking at the fashion shows during NYFW, I found alot of wearable makeup and hair looks. I hope you guys like them and any questions just leave a comment.

Let's get started:

First off: BCBG Max Azria. This loose end bun here is just something so simple, but adds alot to your look.Don't we always have a problem with what to do with the rest of hair,when doing a bun?Sometimes it just doesn't stuck inside the bun, well now you have the option of leaving it aside. Glamour gives you all the details in how to create this look.

DKNY: This look is one of my favorites because it's a simple side ponytail but with the bangs to the side and the very natural look. love love. something I can definitly wear everyday.

Ralph Lauren: This was the simplest look I found but the prettiest. I Can tell this is a pattern of them, always just the "pretty" look but they really WOW us on the clothes.

Lacoste: These smokey eyes were one of the best I found throu out all the shows I looked at. The big puffy side-pony tail as well.Just lovely. This model really pulled this look.

Carolina Herrera: This collection was the one that I loved the makeup the most. It was a mixtures of reds and pinks for the eyeshadow with black, not so much blush,but enough to make the cheaks pop out and somewhat nude/pink lipcolor.

Diane Von Furstenberg: What I loved about this look is how the makeup artist for Diane Von Furstenberg played with the black and silver and the very nude lips.I love how the makeup artist took a step forward and wasn't afraid to go bold with it. Love it.Great look for a night out with the girls.

These were my favorites looks for this Fashion Week. Hope you guys like it and comment on it.Until next Time.Xoxo..

sábado, 6 de fevereiro de 2010

Fashion Week is around the corner!

Yay!! I can't wait for New York Fashion Week. It's the The event of the winter. It's less than a week away.
NYFW will be Feb 11-18.
Can't wait to see the new trends for Fall/Winter 2011 and all the hair ideas and make up and nails.
Keep tuned my friends.
If you guys want to check out everything that will be going on during this time and see all the collections or just your favorite designers check out their website (Mercedes-Bens Fashion Week ).

WAYYY out of context, but I'm back on Twitter, so hit me up there!

quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2010

GRAMMY's Do's and Don'ts

 The Grammys 2010 was over-the-top spectacle, really, with severed hands adorning pianos, surprise musical guests, bunch of Taylor Swift acceptance speeches for multiple wins. Last, but not least, multiple of hair and makeup choices... Humm, very interesting, should we say. Where to begin with the most waited moment for the music world on Sunday.
Let's cut to the chase then....

The most memorable moment I had was LADY GAGA!!! Could she have done it more differently?
I love love love her makeup, the super pink lips and the Smokey eyes just did it for me. The lips are a summer-ish color and the eyes more of a winter-ish thing, but in her both come out perfect. Talking about the hair?? Not a big fan, if you look closely in the picture it looks like she has a wig and is proud to show it. Well Done in THE MAKEUP and congrats on the awards.

What about Ms.Riri??? Big Wow on the eyes, huh? Her skin color is beautiful and whatever her makeup artist does, it just makes it even better. I love the icy eye shadow and the p-r-e-t-t-y big eyelashes,(way to go in  trying to make a statement). Everything was kept simple; nude lips and a little blush. The simple earrings complimented her face and hair.
OKAY?! What's wrong with this picture? Well basically, everything. Kesha, is a great singer but when it comes to fashion. It's a big no no. Her whole outfit was a huge mess, from the flap girl golden dress, to the Pocohontas hair, and all over the place metallic shimmery eye shadow. (What's wrong with you?). Well taking in consideration that Kesha, herself admitted that when it comes to dressing up she's a total mess. (Well honey, that's why there are so called stylist out there. Ever considered in hiring one? Just a thought.)

That's all folks..Keep tuned for more inspiring posts.