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Beauty Tricks and Tips.

As we all know, we have our own beauty inside and outside, but I beleive that some tricks and tips can enhance that outside beauty, so I come to you guys today with some tips I found on Hope you guys enjoy it and hopefully try them out.

Tip/Trick 1: “For those with oily/acne-prone skin: Tea tree oil mixed with water makes a great toner.”

Tip/Trick 2: “Spraying rose water (can be found in local drugstores) on your face and then pressing very lightly with a face tissue helps makeup last longer and gives it an airbrushed look.”

Tip/Trick 3: Monistat Chafing-Relief Powder-Gel makes a great makeup primer….Can be used under foundation and under eyeshadow.It makes wonder, and sometimes even better then tohse expensive primers. 
Tip/Trick 4: Try  mixing  a little mineral makeup and moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer. And Your face will  look completely natural! Just make sure you add some moisturizer first to your face. Then sprinkle just a little Bare Minerals Foundation in my palm, squeeze out some more moisturizer (about the size of two peas), mix quickly and smear all over my face.

Tip/Trick 5:  Put on eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, then use a Q-tip to kinda smush it right into place. Your eyes look defined. Use the eyeliner left on the Q-tip for your lower lash line.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the tips and get your hands on them.

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