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'09 Hair Product Revelation

According to this little product, originally from Canada, has come to invade the lives of girls that are just addicted to beauty "stuff".

The line consists of 8 wonderfully made products made out of argan oil. It’s rare oil that can only be found in the Southwest Morocco. Argan Oil is a powerful antioxidant, UV protector and free radical neutralizer, which is rich in vitamins that can strengthen your hair and increase hair's elasticity.
They guarantee that after one application you will feel your hair healthier and looking better.

The line consists of:

1.The Original Moroccanoil: Styling and finishing product
2.Intense Curl Cream: Used to enhance and define curly hair.
3. Hydrating Styling Cream: Helps reduce frizz and adds definition and shine for all hair types.
4. Intense Hydrating Mask: A rich and creamy hair treatment, designated to help hydrate and repair damaged hair. There is also a version for colored/chemical hair as well.
5. Moisture Repair Shampoo: It contains the original argan oil, keratin, fatty acids, proteins and other nutrients. It helps improve hair's overall health.
6. Moisture Repair Conditioner: this luxurious cream helps restore moisture and repair chemically damaged hair, conditioning hair back to its natural health.
7. Glimmer Shine Spray: An invisible veil of pure luminous shine infused with Argan oil.

You can now find the Original Moroccanoil at You can also check out all the benefits and how to use these products on their website

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