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Gorgeous Hair Ideas

As I was browsing throu the internet looking for ideas, I came across this article about hair style ideas, and I thought "why not?". Some of them which I'm dying to try on and some that surprisely I've done it already.
the following ideas are sure to give you a good hair day. GUARANTEED!

Bedhead hair: By far my favorite easy look. To achieve this look, skip the shine-enhancing products. Instead, spritz wet hair with some type of  thickening lotion, then scrunch hair with fingers while blow-drying. Use a 1"to 2" inch curling iron to create a few spirals. DO NOT brush!, just “massage” hair at the roots, --speciall at the back to create a little volumem and voilà, your ready to go.

Ponytail side: I've actually done this a couple times and I loved it. It's a great do for literally, anything. Do the fancy versions by swiping the ponytail to the side and securing it near the nape of the neck. roll about an inch of your hair around it and secure it with hair pins to make it fancier and add some curls to the ends as well.

Bangs: This is for sure a style that shows off your beautiful facial features. I personally fell in love with this look,when The City came out and I saw Erin sporting it, so I just told myself I had to have it. I also saw this look in alot of celebraties and my favorites were  J-Lo, Nichole Richie, Alexis Bledel(Gilmore Girls),Jessica Alba,Rachel Bilson, Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill).

Side Part: Simple and Easy! Sometimes we in such a rush, that there isn't enought time to get ready. So instead of just having your hair split in half, do a side part.Doesn't matter if you’re letting your hair down or pinning some of it back, try separating the hair to the left or right side to make your easy ‘do look like something special.

Accessories: Feel like being playful? Add an accessory to you hair do. A head band, a nice clip or whatever you are in the mood for.It's very simple but it can add alot of glam to a look. Who better to look up to then Leighton Meester's Gossip Girl Character, Blair Waldorf?she has been seen with alot of these accessories on the show.

 Hope guys liked it and if you have any other ideas let me know.Stay tuned for more updates during this week.

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