terça-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2010

Nail Polish TREND

Since last year I've been spotting metallic shades on celebs and people around. For Christmas and New Year's I actually wore metallic silver and gold on my own nails and I love it. I never thought those shades could ever be a trend again. But it seems like it has. One of the first celebs that I saw using silver nail polish was Beyonce back at the BET Awards in July '09. Love it, but at the the time I didn't have the guts to use it.

Both Metallic Gold and Silver nailpolish can take you to another level of glam!
But hey!don't stop at only the metallic Gold and Silver, take a step foward and be "bolder" (if that word even exists) try metallic in other shades as well. A nice one is the metallic purple (gotta love purples).OPI carries a really nice purple which i like very much.

1. Curry Up don't be late
2.Happy Anniversary!
3.Licoln Park After Dark
But YES! LEt's be Bold and try on these beautiful metallic colors. They sure will bring an extra sparkle to your outfit.

**OPI nail polish can be found in your local nail salons, or this very cool web site Enailsupply or at Beautysak*

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