quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2010


For a while now I've been in love with the new fragrance from Marc Jacob, Lola. Daisy's 'vampy older sister'. It's such a heavier and sweeter smell than her sister Daisy. The smell is a mixture of lots of pink peppers, way more of pear, a little whoosh of tart grapefruit to keep it under control (Now smell this ). Daisy's 'older and sexier' sister is a fragrance that is playful, cool and a touch flirtatious.The fragrance has this sexual floral smell to it that it's pretty irresistible.
 It can be worn day or night. It's a perfume that I consider a winter fragrance.

Lola comes in 3 sizes, 30, 50 and 100 ml and also a limited edition perfume ring, which is the cutest.

Each bottle is cuter than the other!!!! I'm in Love!
 Lola is sold in Major department store ...So hurry and grab yours before the winter is over!

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